A stylish New Year!

January can be a daunting month. The heavy exuberance of the Christmas period can take its toll. You’re ready for a detox, the Christmas trimmings have come down leaving the home looking a bit sparse and you’re over-run with new gifts and trinkets that you have no idea where to put!
Well, as you know at Vogue Homes we are all about stylish family living and we have some ideas how to start the new year in a home that feels fresh and invigorating. Here is a list of  3 simple tips to style up your home ready for the New Year:

1. Spruce up your shelving.
What better way to make use of all those new books, trinkets and picture frames? Choose a colour scheme to use for the shelves you are decorating.  The easiest way is to keep everything neutral with the addition of one or two colours that tie in with your whole room. You’re books also can be used to break up the lines of the shelving. Stack them horizontally to create elevation for picture frames or ornaments.

2. Create a feature wall.
A great way to revitalise a room is to create a feature wall. This can be a great way to utilise those new or even old picture frames. Don’t be worried about using different frames together, just make sure there is a nice balance between them without one dominating over the others. Lay them out on the floor first and get them roughly how you want them before fixing them to the wall.

3. Get organised.
Get all your effects in order. Declutter the house, declutter your mind. Create a space where you can organise your daily/weekly/monthly activities. Make it pleasant to look at otherwise it will become an area of the home that fills you with dread. Make it inspirational.

Here’s to a fantastic 2020. Full of joy, happiness and style.

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