Vogue Homes Guide to New-Builds

When it comes to new-build versus older properties, people are generally in one camp or the other. There are staunch traditionalists that will talk about the character and charm of period properties while there’s people in favour of new build that will tell you it’s all about convenience, light-airy rooms and modern energy-saving gadgets.

Obviously, here at Vogue Homes, we are going to be a little biased so we thought it would be a good idea to give you a little guide into the benefits of buying a new build.


  • A big advantage of buying a new build is the fact you won’t be buying into a chain. Meaning as soon as your finances are in place, you can look to complete the purchase. This also removes any risk of being gazumped, making the house move much less stressful.
  • The government’s Help to Buy scheme helps you get funding for new-builds and makes it much easier to buy a property, particularly if your a first-time buyer.
  • With a new-build it is possible for the buyer to work with the builder to customise a property. This is no different with us! Our team can help further enhance your home by advising you on your purchase with a range of customisations and upgrades.
  • Most new-builds come with a 10-year guarantee. At Vogue Homes, all our work comes with a 10-year Premier Guarantee.
  • The high standard of new build homes, and the good insulation means that new build homes are much more energy efficient than old properties, which are generally draughty and cost more to heat.
  • Most new-builds are laid out to reflect a modern approach to family living. Our properties are architecturally designed to RIBA standards, and have been specifically designed to reflect our tagline, Stylish Family Living.
  • The idea of moving into a home that is entirely new is very appealing to many people. You are not inheriting someone else’s idea of a beautiful home and instead you have a blank canvas that is yours to decorate as you wish. Our properties all come with Crown paints throughout. White emulsion to ceilings and off-white emulsion to all internal walls.

If you are interested in finding out more about one of our properties at Vogue Homes, contact our trusted agents Rob or Claire at Wm Sykes on 01484 683543.